Too Many Nameless Ones

We need your help. Once again we have sheep that need names. Some had names before they came here, some didn’t. We give them nicknames but then we have to explain to each other which sheep we mean when we mention them because we’ve never declared a proper name and the nicknames can change depending on moods, weather, latest antics…

Dorper ewe lamb needs a name
Dorper ewe lamb needs a name

This is the first nameless wonder. She is about 4.5 months old. She has spots on her neck and hind legs. We refer to her as the “40-year-old-smoker-baby” because she has a cute little lamb face and a voice that will make you wish you were deaf. If you’ve ever seen the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit then you will get the reference. Baby Herman is the cigar chomping infant who is quite the character.

Check back as I will add more photos once we get some daylight later today. I’ve tried to get video of that voice but she really doesn’t talk much and clams up completely if she senses a camera. She’s cute, and just a little stand-off-ish, and lucky for us not overly chatty.

Post your name suggestions in the “Comments” section below and then share this page. Thanks!

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