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Nellie and Cocoa back home again
Nellie and Cocoa back home again

Our little family of sheeples is coming back together. Cocoa and Nellie are back home from the farm where they were being bred. The ram we chose for these girls is a Cormo/Suffolk cross with beautifully soft fleece. He should give some good sized lambs as well as some nice fleece. It would be lovely if the lambs had a little color too.

It seems silly but even with more than a dozen sheep here, I missed these two little faces and I enjoy having them back. They are often referred to as the “gruesome twosome” because they are always together, but they are really anything but gruesome. They are lovely and friendly, not skittish or pushy, just nice well rounded souls with calm energy that really does help sooth the rest of the flock.

Group Photo
Group Photo

Today is the first day to see them in the daylight as it’s dark out before and after work when we do chores. I know they are fine but I want to have a good look, make sure their coats are not getting tight. I’m visual, I can know a thing, or about a thing, but if I see for myself I know so much more.

In other news I’m working on lambing schedules and working out the logistics of critter rotations in the barn to make all this work again. The winter months the chickens spend more time inside and are enjoying the bigger space once again but eventually they will be displaced for lambing jugs. I’d like to modify our temporary partitions as they were not as user friendly as I would have liked last year and this year should see more ewes in lamb at the same time so we will need to dedicate more space.

The joys of farming, may they never end 🙂

Young Dorper ewe lambs
Young Dorper ewe lambs

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