Moving On

Amanda and the babies waiting for breakfast
Amanda and the babies waiting for breakfast

What a busy couple weeks. The 15 year old had a football injury that was surgically repaired and he’s finally to a point where he can be more responsible for his own care.  Yay for him, but also yay for me, it’s a lot of work having to care for another. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind taking care of him, but it’s a challenge for me to set other commitments aside. So glad he’s feeling better and I hope he continues to recover and mend.

While we were holed up in the hospital and recovering at home the end of our Kickstarter campaign came and went. We did not achieve enough pledges to fund the project so according to the terms of the project no money changes hands. No pledges are collected from the supporters. It all just quietly slides by the wayside.

I really do want to thank all who supported and pledged, and also all who said they love the project and will be waiting to purchase from us after the coming harvests. We really do appreciate our customers, past and future, and look forward to some happy relationships with you all.

We are still going ahead with the project. The land has been purchased and is waiting to be occupied. The extra sheep have been acquired and the barn is being planned. The Kickstarter funds would have made the process easier but we are Alaskans and a little hard work is just another day in paradise.

If you did pledge we are honoring the rewards offered, contact us if you would like to make that arrangement. If you didn’t pledge, stay tuned, I’m working on the order forms that will allow you to pre-order. If you want to order more than you did, we can accommodate that too.

Here’s to looking forward, to what can be, and hoping there won’t be too many challenges to face.


Woolly Nelson and the young ladies
Woolly Nelson and the young ladies enjoy breakfast under the watchful eye of their Maremma Alessandro 

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