Meet Rocco

The expansion of our flock means we need more dogs to keep them safe. Lucky for us we had a litter of pups to choose from. This sweet guy takes after his dad in the laid-back and mellow department.

He’s proving to be a quick study, needing only a couple gentle reminders about our basic rules and manners.

Al’s been showing him how to be a working dog, along with 3 of his sisters, while Mia is quarantined in the heat pen. So far everyone is doing great. Once Mia is released back into general population then the higher education begins. Like all moms, she’s way more serious about how things should be done. And she’s a much tougher disciplinarian should the pups break any rules with the stock.

For now, the pups are enjoying childhood, rolling in hay, splashing in troughs, and chewing on each other whenever the opportunity arises.

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