One Week Old

The puppies are officially one week old now and subtle differences are starting to appear. Some are bigger, they range in weight now from 1 lb 14 oz all the way to 2 lbs 12 oz, their coats are changing, and their pads and noses have begun to fade to black.

Maremma puppies sleep a lot
Female Maremma (left) and male (right) 

Some of the puppies appear to have daddy’s bulky coat while others seem to have mommy’s sleek coat. Although both are beautiful I am partial to the fuzzier ones. This is their defining feature, until they grow a personality.

Baby Maremma with fuzzy coat
Baby Maremma with fuzzy coat

These dogs live outside year round, in Alaska that means -35*F, and their thick coats keep them snuggly warm.  Mia’s coat is sleek and smooth while Al looks like a over fluffed cotton ball. Both dogs appear just as comfortable as the other in all types of weather.

Male pup with a smoother coat
Male pup with a smoother coat

The smooth coats look thinner but the dense under coat provides the warmth these dogs need. In the summer the snow white color and insulation combine to deflect the sun and keep the dogs cool. Having said that, on the days where it gets over 65 or 70, these dogs are happy to watch their flock from the cooler shady spots under the trees.

Pads are changing from pink to black
Pads are changing from pink to black

Puppies are born with pink pads on their paws and little pink noses. By the 2nd week, these soft tissues will fade to black, giving them that “grown up” look. We refer to our Maremmas as polar bears, in just a couple weeks you will really be able to see the resemblance.

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