I Must Be Dreaming

Since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of owning a draft horse. I vacillate between Percherons and Belgians but one or the other is always part of that dream. This morning I woke up to find the dream had come true. I have one of each living in my very own pasture. Never mind that it’s only temporary, they are here and they are amazing.

The horses don't seem to mind sharing their meal
The horses don’t seem to mind sharing their meal

As a kid I admired the big Percherons, with their delicate heads and elegantly curved necks. Watching the pulling competitions at the fair I always said one day I’d have one of those.

But then there were the Belgians, not as elegant but just as strong, the bulky blondes never failed to impress me. Although my own horse was part draft, I longed for a true draft horse.

Katherine was worried Honey might eat it all so she took an extra big bite.
Katherine was worried Honey might eat it all so she took an extra big bite.

True to form these gentle giants are at home with the structured chaos that is our little ranch. The dogs are smitten and have shifted their guarding station to a location where they can watch the sheep shed as well as the back part of the pasture where the drafters have been hanging out. At first the sheep were playing hard to get, but then they invited themselves to dinner so apparently they are fast friends now.

I’m so sorry for the circumstances that brought these girls into my world, but I am so happy they are here. This morning, walking out in crisp air, the only sound was the crunch of extra large feet on the snow, like ginormous dogs walking me to breakfast. I stood there awhile just watching them eat, so mesmerized I was perfectly comfortable in just my pajamas at 20*F.

I can’t help but feel giddy every time I look out and see those big beautiful girls. Dreams really do come true!

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  1. Always loved the Drafts. Loved watching them pull the sled around the fields in winter to feed out hay to the cattle.

    1. They are magnificent to watch.

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