House Guests

Well, they aren’t actually in the house, but they are our honored guests.

Honey the Belgian
Honey the Belgian

Earlier today word went out that a friend’s barn had burned and some horses needed to be temporarily fostered.  After some minor modifications to the pasture we greeted our new friends, Honey and Fate.

Fate the Percheron
Fate the Percheron

It was a bitter-sweet day. The wonderful old barn was a total loss, along with lots of tack, but no injuries were reported. I don’t know what all was lost, the fireman were still on site when we stopped by and I only stayed a few minutes because I didn’t want to be in the way. I read on Facebook that the fire was caused by a short in the wiring to the pump for the barn’s well.

Say what you will about Facebook and social media, but it was a brilliant tool during this  tragedy. One simple post “BARN FIRE!!! All horses are out. Need help rounding them up and board” and within minutes people were commenting back with “I can help” or “I’m on the way”.  It’s so awesome to see how wonderful our community is.

It didn’t take long and all the horses had foster families lined up. Once the firetrucks cleared the scene, trailers were loaded and horses were delivered to their homes-away-from-home. Those that are bonded together got to go with their significant others because nothing is more comforting than a close friend, even to horses.

It was a lucky day for us here at Tower Ranch. The delivery driver who brought our house guests was someone previously only known through Facebook, but now I can count her as one more friend who is no longer “imaginary”. We also got to meet new friends who we didn’t know, not even through Facebook, the owners of one of the mares that are staying with us. Everyone made short work of getting the mares settled in.

And now we have a pair of draft horses in the pasture. I’m not sure who’s more thrilled, me or the dogs. Al is just tickled to death to have horses to fret over again. Mia is more practical, she’s watching her sheep to ensure they are not being put out in any way. The sheep don’t really seem to care about the house guests, although the big pile of hay has a certain appeal.

Here’s hoping tomorrow will be a little less exciting.

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  1. lrtrovi says:

    Wonderful story.

  2. So glad none of the animals were injured.

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