Our Flock Is Growing

I’m so very excited. I have committed to purchasing two more Cormos that are from the same flock that my Cormo girls came from. Cocoa is a lovely dark mocha brown and Nellie is a large girl with luscious white fleece. They have just lambed and will be staying at their current home until their lambs are weaned. Since my girls were just over at their barn for breeding I know they all get along great so no worries there. It wasn’t part of the original plan but we are thrilled at the opportunity.

I did have the opportunity to handle Cocoa’s fleece from a year or so ago… Oh MY! So nice and what a rich color. I checked with my friend who purchased that fleece to see if it was really “all that” and she said I’d be foolish to not purchase this girl. So of course I did not delay!

Now for part two of the Good News marathon… We have an update on the Teeswaters. Ovelha Acres has now gotten 2 girls and 2 boys so far and has some more ewes in the maternity ward. We are going to add two of these lovely little ewes lambs to our flock when they are old enough to travel. I can’t wait to post some pictures. All of these new lambs are sired by Vulcan and he is stunning! The ewes are of varied percentages but all (I believe) are on the higher end of the scale and Vulcan is 96.8%.Did I mention I think he is The Bees Knees?!!!

See ya’all later, I’m going to go hug a sheep.

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