Weights and Measures

Today we ran all the AI lambs over the scale and got some photos for our records. I’m really pleased with how this lamb crop is growing.

Richter is still the tallest although he is no longer the heaviest. Star Lord holds the heavyweight title this go round. Here is how they all look now.


Janet is 49.7 lbs and her locks are longer than her brothers. Her locks are a little fuller and a slightly more relaxed curl than Jacks as well


Jack and Janet are Teeswater/Wensleydale


The littlest and the loudest this petite little shrieker is only 32.9 lbs but she is more than feisty enough to hold her own amongst the bigger boys.


The largest of the triplets at 52.3 lbs, I’m impressed with her size and structure. She’s going to be an exceptional addition to the ewe flock.


Leave it to the boy to have the best eyeliner 🙂 Jingle is the middle child in birth order and size, 46.6 lbs, but he is one of the friendliest of this group

Stella, Bella, and Jingles are out of a Cormo/Polypay ewe by a Corriedale sire.

Groot: Replacement Ram

This guy is well built and he knows it. He likes to strike a pose and when he does, Hello Daddy! He is slightly smaller than his brother at 67.6, and he’s a bit darker too. Jet black clear to the skin with nice crimp and good lock structure.

Star Lord

This guy is not shy about groceries! 69.4 lbs is our heaviest lamb of the day. Where Groot is a 10 Star Lord is only a 9 so he will be a fiber wether in our flock. His tips have lightened and his rump is slivering but he has great locks and crimp and consistent color all the way to his skin.

Groot and Star Lord are out of a Rambouillet ewe but they got a double dose of semen, the Corriedale had questionable motility so we added a good straw of Romney to ensure we got something. It will be up to the DNA test to determine which sire was a hit here.

Richter: Replacement Ram

The tallest by far, also one of the wildest. He was a close 2nd at 69.3 lbs. he is the youngest, his wool is a slightly shorter staple but he’s only 2.5 months old so too soon to tell.

I’m hoping he will fill out nicely and pass some of his size to future generations.

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