Chaos and Pandemonium

When you live on a farm you just never know what will happen next.

We have been been keeping our unaltered dogs separate so there is no unauthorized breedings which means Rocco is running with Mia, Bella, and Anna (who are all spayed) while Tarn is with Clyde (who is also fixed). Al and Rocco get swapped on 12 hour shifts so one is always inside the barn while the other is out because they still can’t get along. Clyde and Tarn stay in the heat pen, which is like Fort Knox, so we can monitor when puppies might happen.

Well, apparently Fort Knox isn’t as secure as we thought. Imagine our surprise when we came home to find 4 dogs in the pasture with the sheep, and then realized it was the WRONG 4 dogs. A hole in the pen let Clyde out to play and Rocco in to, well, play. <sigh> Watch for pending puppy announcements.

Of course the other part of the equation is that the sheep were also out of their pens eating the fresh green grass that is finally starting to grow. The good news is that all the dogs and sheep got along great and no one got sick from too much fresh grass.

Bloo continues to demand attention for just a few minutes every day – he’s definitely a mommas boy. We have not seen a single mouse in in the barn for 6 months or more, this guy is super effective.

The Girls are increasing in size so watch for lamb announcements. The due date is June 22nd but same go a little early. We are excited to see this year’s crop.

This season we hope to meet the first lambs by this guy. Sonny is our yearling merino ram produced by Knik River Veterinary Services using artificial insemination. Sonny’s genetics come from Australia, he produced a heavy super-fine fleece and I can’t wait to see what he adds to our flock.

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  1. Karen says:

    That cat looks huge!!!!

    1. In all fairness, he is closer to the camera than I am, but he’s also a very good sized cat.

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