Working Sheep

Ana has a little lamb… who follows her EVERYwhere. 

Minnie loves her dog and follows her all around the pasture. The other sheep go off to graze but Minnie tags along with her big white dog. 

Today Ana was helping tom with the sprinkler and Minnie was right with her, until she spotted me. There is nothing quite so adorable as a baby lamb who spits her foster mommy from across the way. Click here to see her reaction.

Once Tom was done working outside the fence and came back through the gate Ana had to go with him again. Click here to see Ana and Minnie

My favorite work crew posed for a picture but I. Ever did get one where Tom was looking up. 

But alas, chores are never quite finished on a farm so we are off to our next task. 

Click here to see us go

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