Another Day In The Barn

Every day is busy when you work and farm but it’s a labor of love with all this cuteness around. 

Francis is still smiling and as social as a sheep can get. Alice is almost as friendly as Frank, a trait I hope she will pass on to her daughter Melanie. 

Felony Melanie has great wool coverage and I’m making her a coat tomorrow to keep her clean and white. 

Bridget delivered this guy, who we call Speedy, in mere moments while Tom and I were feeding all the other critters. One minute she was pregnant the next she was licking off a baby.

Beauty stays close to Francis. I think it’s because of his smile 😉 Sally (pictured on the far right) is not a fan of feeding lambs so we hold her still in one hand for Beauty to nurse while we are holding a bottle for Frank with the other. They are both gaining nicely. Francis has doubled his weight in a week and Beauty has gained a pound since she was born late Sunday. 

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