Time to De-Stash

We are shearing this weekend so I need to part with some of my special projects to make room for lots of new and wonderful fleece.




Cormo neck wool, fine and crimpy

Neck wool is outside the coat so the tips are dirty and there is some VM img_8627.jpg

1.5 lbs – over 4″ staple – bright white crimpy goodness – $30 – SOLD


Next up: Icelandic – the whole fleece.


This is a bit course, sun bleached, and it has some cotted areas and vm. However, the samples I carded turned out passably good. And boy is it warm! It’s going to take some work so the whole fleece is $30


Number Three on our hit parade:

The neck wool of my favorite red-head – CrazyPants.  Romney/Rambouillet is lovely to work with, and this has some VM but also lovely crimp, color variations, and a bit of sheen.IMG_8643.JPGIMG_8639

I only have just about a pound left – $20        img_8685.jpg




Wooley Nelson gives a nice full bag of neck wool. He’s a gentle giant who doesn’t wallow in the hay bunk so he’s cleaner than some of the others 🙂




This fine fiber has a nice crimp and less lanolin than the Cormos. 

The first really good Cormo fleece that I raised is still here waiting for me to get around to processing it. THIS is the fleece that showed me why sheep should wear coats.


The tips are dirty, the underside is pretty clean. It is a little crunchy now that it’s sat for a couple years BUT, it perks right up in a nice hot bath.


2.75 lbs

4″ staple

$30  for the whole skirted fleece.  – SOLD




Now, lets talk about a nice Icelandic/Cormo cross lamb fleece. Uncoated, but soft, soft, soft! It’s got hay and a bit of VM, but it’s a nice combination of long and crimpy.



The Cormo influence gives a nice crimp for a downy undercoat.

This fleece is 3.75 lbs


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