Drawing Straws

The pups are eating dry kibble as well as nursing but their table manners… Emily Post would have kittens at the sight.  

They have also graduated to big kid bed – transitioning from blankets to straw bedding which, of course, they had to play in. Video Link

We hear a lot of things in our barn, statements that don’t normally happen in casual conversations. We are so easily entertained by puppies that we end up saying things like  “I’m trapped by puppies”  

Curiosity got the better of us so we weighed a couple pups last night and our biggest boy “Gruffy” is about 8 lbs, while the littlest, also a boy, is just about 4.5 lbs.  

 Momma Tarn is patient and calm, a good mommy and so tolerant of everyone and every thing.  Maremmas are just amazing dogs. 

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