Fleece For Sale

The official list of what we have available for sale.

Woolley Nelson  Columbia/Hampshire Down Wether  Coated   $40/lb – 6.5 lbs available

This fleece is light and airy, you could easily spin it in the grease!

img_5912              img_5914img_5910

** SOLD**  Bridget  Polypay/Cormo Hogget fleece   Coated   $25/lb  – 4.75 lbs available

Dirty tips but little to no VM


Missy  Cormo Ewe  Coated   $25/lb – 4.5 lbs available

The fleece judge’s comments were:img_6079

Beautiful consistent crimp, fabulous to spinimg_6081

Nellie    Polypay Ewe    Coated     $25/lb – 4 lbs availableimg_6064

This fleece is uniform staple, crimpy, and well skirted








** SOLD**  Crazypants  Rambouillet Ewe  Coated  $25/lb  –  3.5 lbs available

This lovely little red ewe has a nice light airy fleece.img_5943

A mix of grey and red, she looks strawberry with a couple

darker spots. img_5942


**SOLD**  Vixie  Romney Hogget Ewe  Coated after 6 months – 5 lb fleece – $100

This fleece varies from dark chocolate to steel

grey. This lamb was not coated until 6 months

so there is vm in the tips.



You can see how the vm is mostly in the tips and the remainder of the fiber is clean. img_6096


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