Chickens in a Tractor

After months of reconstruction on our house the heavy equipment has finally been loaded up and hauled away. Now it’s safe to deploy the other kind of tractor, and we are filling it with our newest batch of Icelandic chickens.  

 A chicken tractor is a mobile pen the we can move about the yard so the chickens always have fresh grass and bugs to eat. These birds multi-task, fertilizing as they go, leaving a much healthier bit of lawn in their wake.    

Icelandic chickens are some of my all time favorites. I love the color variations and varied appearance. They are yard ornaments with a purpose.    
 Besides looking good, these beauties lay medium sized white eggs. They are super efficient feed converters and expert foragers.  


Since they are outside the pasture Al will stay by them and watch them through the fence. I pity anyone or anything that messes with his chickens, he’s only staying inside the fence because we ask him too.  

  The chickens seem happy in their new digs, I told them I’d come by later to check on their work. šŸ™‚ 

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