Lamb Watch 2016

  Crazypants is none too thrilled with being inside but it’s easier to keep tabs on her. It took her a few days to decide she wanted to be a mom last year so this small pen gives her less room to move away from a lamb. She was a great mom after she got the hang of it so we will see how this year goes. 
Jolene had an issue with a slight vaginal prolapse last week so we are keeping her inside even though she likely has 2 or 3 weeks to go. 

Gretel is relaxing with the lambies for company. The lambs are not thrilled that I’ve cut back on their milk supply now that they are eating like big kids.  

 The barn is filling up and I’m off to a fiber retreat leaving my poor hubby home alone to watch and wait. Wish him luck 🙂

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