Spring Forward

Our numbers are growing this spring but not in the traditional way. The first of this year’s babies aren’t due for another 45 days but if you know me at all, you know I still found ways to get some kids to love. 

Flute joined our crew a couple weeks ago and is already entertaining us with his playful antics. Although he’s our resident class-clown we are impressed with how fast he learns new tasks and tricks. It will take some time to grow and refine his herding skills but we have no doubt he’ll be great.  It will be nice to have a real herder since we make lousy border collies. Thank you Alpenglow Farm & Kennels for this wonderful boy. 

Princess is our first bummer lamb. A bummer lamb is just what it sounds like. Her momma gave birth and then simply walked away, uninterested in being a momma. It’s a bummer but luckily we are here to help her out. So now she’s a bottle baby and we love her. Since she came from the same breeder as Wooley Nelson we are hopeful her wool will be just as scrumptious.  

 Every turkey needs a Tom. Ok, maybe not every turkey but we want to incubate some eggs so to make them fertile we’re gonna need a Tom. This gorgeous guy is called Kruzz and he’s settling in nicely with his harem. 

Sheep are social creatures and don’t do well all alone. So when the message came that there was another bummer from the same farm that Princess came from we had to say yes.  This little gal was called Lana, I’m not sure if it will stick, but she’s a cutie. 

Tarn is our newest Maremma. This girl has such a pretty face and super sweet disposition. She comes to us from Rest Easy Farmstead and will team up with Rocco when we expand. That’s right, we are expanding. More on that later. 

Flute says it’s been a really busy day and it’s time to rest.  


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