Come And Get ‘Em

We had a great day processing the remaining birds yesterday. Over 90 chickens are cleaned, wrapped, and ready for dinner. 

What a treat to be able to offer fresh, healthy chickens to our friends, family, and other local customers. 

If you’re interested in humanely raised local chickens shoot us an email, message us on Facebook, or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you. 

About TowerRanchAlaska

I always wished I was raised in a barn.
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11 Responses to Come And Get ‘Em

  1. Mike estrada says:

    How much and where can we pick them up and what’s your hours and days

  2. Krystal Rogers says:

    I am interested in purchasing a bird or two!

  3. Cheryl Couch says:

    I am interested. How much per pound are they? I would possibly want 4.

  4. cindylearuth says:

    Sorry if this posted more than once. I’d like to purchase 5 chickens and pick them up tomorrow. Do I need to call you?

  5. Marianne grant says:

    What kind of feed are the birds eating? I am looking for pasture-fed, no grain fed birds. Also for “pasture-fed” eggs. Marianne

    • Our birds, like our lamb, are raised on pasture when the weather suits. Most of the year the birds are supplemented with spent grains, milled peas, as well as some commercial “no corn – no soy” feeds on occasion.

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