4 Weeks Old

The 6-pack of Maremma pups is 4 weeks old and taking their first tour of the great outdoors. Video link

Mamma Mia is getting more comfortable with her boy’s independence. She vacilates between wanting to protect them and wanting her own space. 

The pups have teeth and are eating more and nursing less. We are starting to see some personality traits but it’s too soon to tell for certain which traits will be dominant in which dog. 

Like all packs, there will be an Alpha and a Beta who will run the show. There will likely be a shy quiet one and a class clown. :)

The pups are getting to meet some visitors so they can develop social skills.  They are meeting people, chickens, and sheep and are curious about everything. 

The lambs are used to the big white dogs but these new little furballs is something to be investigated. 

The walks outside will continue to get longer and the personality profiles will start to emerge. I’m anxious to see how a pack of all boys will differ from prior litters that were dominated by females. 

So far we like what we see from these boys. 

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  1. Carol says:

    They are soooo cute! Miss you guys.

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