They’re Here!!

Icelandic Twins
Icelandic Twi
The hostage crisis is finally over. Matilda let the twins out to play. They are big, healthy, and full of energy. This seems to be our year for boy/girl twins.
I was out of town when Matilda finally decided it was time, so Tom supervised the delivery. Matilda is an old pro with at least 3 sets of twins under her belt. She handled the deliveries without any issues leaving Tom with little to do besides texting me updates on her progress.

Hansel 2 days old
Hansel 2 days old

Both lambs were up and eating within moments of their birth and continue to grow like little weeds.

Since Tom attended the births he gets to name them. He has dubbed them Hansel and Gretel. Interestingly enough, the name Matilda is of German origin and means “strength in battle”, something she makes sure we are aware of any time we need to catch or contain her.

Hansel and Gretel are also German in origin, characters in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Unlike their namesakes, these adorable little lambs will never have to worry about finding their way home. Mia is quite smitten with all the lambs and keeps close tabs on them all.

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