While the rest of the country has been freezing and blizzarding and just plain winter, we here in Alaska have been enjoying a weird respite from normal temps. This past week has been in the 40’s and raining. The ground is frozen so none of the water can soak in so we have puddles and ponds and all the animals are muddy.

This time of year we dub the Maremmas “Mudremmas” because they love to splash and play. With most of the sheep in the barn we just have a little flock of four outside. These are the Dorpers and the Teeswater, none of which needed shearing just yet. The little band of sheep follows Tom, completely oblivious to the large dogs wrestling and playing.

The normally calm and majestic Maremmas love to wrestle and play when they are “off-duty” for a few minutes while we are with the sheep. Rocco is just about 8 months old and already gives his mom a run for her money.

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