Finally, A Name

Like most moms, I like to have names associated with everything around me. Usually this is so I can use some cannibalized version of said name to mutter as I talk to (or about) the person, place, or things as I go about my day. For a year now this poor little sheep has been known as 68, her ear tag number, which my husband was informed by a 4 year old “is not a name”. And she’s right.

We now call her Missy
We now call her Missy

I find that I repeatedly refer to this girl as Missy-Moo-Moo so we have decided to stick with Missy and let the Moo-Moo be optional. In truth she really isn’t that much of a pig at feeding time (Nellie Belly holds the top spot on that chart) but for reasons that escape even me, that is what comes out of my mouth when I talk to this girl.

More pictures to come, today is going to be beautiful blue skies and sunshine so hopefully I’ll get a few good clicks in.

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