Here We Grow Again!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better I was able to add two more girls to the flock.

Nellie and Cocoa are best friends and share EVERYthing
Nellie and Cocoa are best friends and share EVERYthing

These lovely ladies came from the same original flock as Katherine and 68 (who still needs a name), the reunion was very interesting to watch. They remember each other.

These girls lost their babies today, the lambs went to a different farm for 4-H projects, the mommies are more than a little distraught. This picture shows the first time they stopped calling for babies and they never lifted their heads until the grain was gone. With a little luck they will be completely over it by morning.

Tomorrow will be a short photo shoot for the new girls. I will try to make time this weekend to create bio pages for them, and I would love to get a good lamb video. He is one super cute little stinker!

Matilda is locked in the barn until she explodes. I’ve been trying to figure out what order they will deliver in. My guess is Betty next and then 68 will be the last.

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