Sheep Remind Me Of NASCAR

I’ve heard NASCAR described as “A whole lot of left turns”. Well apparently our sheep are channeling their inner NASCAR drivers. They’ve worn a track around the barn, and it only goes to the left.

Or maybe  they are channeling their Australian ancestors, maybe sheep are motivated by the same cosmic power that make toilets flush counter clockwise ‘Downunder’.

I don’t know what it is, or why it is, but our crazy sheep can only circle the barn in a counterclockwise rotation. Which means if they are two feet past the gate to their pen they have to run full circle, all the way around the barn, the kennel, and the hay shed, to turn left into the gate. It’s a pretty silly habit that keeps me entertained.

Of course, when they are away from the barn, they seem to be able to negotiate right hand turns without incident. It’s only that main track around the barn that appears to be one lane, as well as one way. You see I’ve also noticed, there is no passing on the track, just a single file parade, at varying speeds.

And if you meet them head-on on the path, they will not yield. They clearly have the right-of-way and you will need to leave the path, using one of the handy pull-outs (caused by previous meetings) to wait while they pass before continue on your way.

It occurs to me that since they are impatiently waiting for their hay, and you are only on their path because you are going to get their hay, that in a common sense kinda world they would be happy to yield, thus expediting your travels to and from the hay barn. But no, there will be no yielding by the sheep.  And no u-turns either. Which means they have to travel full circuit (again) to stand at the door and baa for you to hurry with the hay.

Oh you silly girls, how I do love your little antic.

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