Baby It’s Cold Outside

I know it will get a little colder as time goes on but this first blast of winter has been cutting right through me. It must be that weight I lost last week (less insulation) or maybe it’s just because it’s a full moon, whatever the reason I cannot seem to get warm. 

The sheep just take it all in stride. -10F is just another day to them. They wander the field looking for graze, then check the hay feeder to see if the staff (me) has refilled it for them yet. In the off chance the staff is on hand they are quick to order one of everything on the menu.  I try and barter with them, treats for the opportunity to fondle their wonderful fleece but so far they are not thrilled with me getting all up-close-and-personal with them.

Tomorrow a friend is coming to help me haul the two cormos to a friends house for a slumber party with her ram. With a little luck we will have some lambies in the spring. I’m a little concerned what the dogs will think about their sheep taking a vacation without them but there doesn’t seem to be an alternative so they will have to adjust.

The Icelandic ram I have chosen lives close by, and I’m hoping maybe his mom will let him come over to our house so the dogs don’t go totally bonkers without any sheep to guard. For now the full moon seems to be keeping both dogs very busy. I’m not sure what they are barking at but something has them riled and on high alert. Tom and I walked the perimeter with Al last night, not even a track in the fresh snow outside of the pasture, but man was he miffed at something. 

Last week I got my first order for next years chicks. Well my first specific order anyway, I always have folks saying they want Icelandic chicks or laying hens or silkies or or or… But she actually ordered by breed, gender and color so that is a more serious order and now it’s time to break out the incubator. Who needs to wait for March or April to hatch spring chickies. Before he met me, my husband thought that spring comes in April or May, but in my world it happens right after Christmas and sometimes right after Thanksgiving. 

All this talk of spring and babies has taken my mind off the cold. At least until hubby announced that it’s six below outside right now. Gee thanks honey.

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