All In A Days Work

My chickens always seem to be in competition with each other. Either they are working hard to get the best bits out of the treat bucket or they are strutting and clucking to get the most attention from the head rooster.

Today apparently there was an egg laying competition with awards presented for the largest as well as the smallest eggs.

Extra Jumbo  Green egg vs ultra mini "fart" egg
Extra Jumbo Green egg vs ultra mini “fart” egg



I have no idea who to thank for each of these beauties because there are many chickens occupying each space. The big green meanie comes from the layer coop. The bright white is from the Icelandic coop. It’s about the size of a store bought large egg. The tan one next to it comes from the juvenile coop. And last but not least, the adorable little “fart” egg comes from the Silkie coop.

Are you asking yourself why we call them “fart” eggs? Well, it’s an egg that has made the journey so quickly it skipped a step, the yolk. This little bitty will have some egg white in it but not much (there really isn’t much room in there) and no yolk at all. It was in such a hurry to sneak out that it squeaked past that crucial part, leaving it nearly empty and so small that little hen barely noticed it sneaking out her back door 😉

It’s one of the many miracles of modern chickens.

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