Icelandic Ewes

The only thing wrong with these girls is they are Icelandic and I prefer fine wools. Betty was a twin,Gwennie was a twin, they usually have twins, and they are both GREAT mommas.

Grandma Betty

This lady is a cagey one. She will lead the whole flock astray and is a devil at plying hard to get. But shake a grain bucket and she’s putty in your hand. Beautiful creamy grey fleece with nice undercoat. Her weight drops a bit when mothering, all her energy goes to her babies and it shows. They are always healthy, robust, and quick growing. She’s a good producer of both wool and lambs.

Betty is $400 or you can buy her with her beautiful 1/2 Merino ewe lamb for $750.


Gwennie is Betty’s 2yr old daughter by Niko. She is 1/2 Icelandic 1/2 Cormo. This crossing gives the great poofy guard hairs with silky soft undercoat with a bit more crimp than one would expect. She is a gorgeous ewe and has proven to be a problem free momma. She held her weight, even with twins and has been both attentive and nurturing just like her momma. Her fleece is pretty uniformly cream with just a few strands of color here and there.

Gwennie is $400 or $1000 with her twin ewe lambs.

Sansa & Arya

1/4 Icelandic, 1/4 Cormo, 1/2 Super Fine Merino

Sansa is a sweet little princess and Arya is into everything! So far their fleeces feel soft and luscious. Ready to wean early July, buy one or both for $400 each or combine with Gwennie $1000 for all three.

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